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Tip on : Portland - 6 years ago

Portland Saturday Market, Powell's Bookstore (largest independent book retailer in the country, with 6 stories of bliss), theaters and concerts, art, parks and restaurants.... things to do and see in Portland abound. My fave restaurant is the Greek Cusina on 404 SW Washington.  We discovered it on an Easter Sunday, killing time before a U2 concert in 2001, where it was the only thing open for twenty blocks (apparently Easter holiday is big with the Greeks, and eating out is part of it!).  The food here is authentic and delicious, and you'd pay just as much eating at Denny's or Red Robin, but you wouldn't be getting the unique dishes, great service and lively atmosphere.  a nice touch is the fresh flowers on every table, no matter what time of year it is. One place to avoid at all costs is Portland's Chinatown at night.  My husband and I, with one of our friends, were followed for twenty minutes, even as we zigzagged and made abrupt detours in an effort to lose the guy, until we lost ourselves in a crowd of drunken forty-somethings.

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