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Hanoi Gallery: Communist Propaganda      

If you’re looking for original Communist propaganda posters check out the Hanoi Gallery. They have shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and the collection varies from store to store. Although, we saw a piece we liked in Hanoi and passed it up but after looking at the collection in Saigon they offered to deliver the piece we liked from Hanoi down to the Saigon store. Replicas are also available at inexpensive prices, but if you’re looking for hand painted originals expect to spend a little dough. Their collection was far better than any other “propaganda seller” we saw.

What To Buy: Original Communist Propaganda posters as well as replicas.

What To Pay: Originals start at about $300 US on up.

Phone: 08.8218211

Address: 43 Le Loi, I District

Website: propaganda_175@yahoo.com

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