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Ariha, or Jericho in English is a palestinian city of the West Bank that dates back millenia in the past and is often considered as the oldest city on Earth. It is situated below the sea level at the north of the Dead Sea depression. It is a nice city where it can be very hot in summer with temperature above 45°C. There are 3 famous places to visit in the vicinity of Jericho: the palace of Hisham, the Tel Jericho site (site of the old Jericho) and the Monastery of temptation. Keep in mind that Jericho is in a trouble location of the world and you should take great care in going there. It remains one of the safest places of the West Bank; however, situation can change very fast and I would not recommend visiting those places without either a excellent knowledge of the region and its context or local contacts that will guide you.

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