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    Vlore, South Coastal Highlands, Albania
    meet the local mafia and enjoy and ice cream. one night me my brother and dad where hungry so we went out looking for food, we found some locals and two young guys said for us to go with them they took us down a dark alley my dad wispered prepare to run but luckily there was a way through and we where not at danger. even though they where very macho looking they wherent really they where very kind they took us to their mum ad dad house where all the wood interior had been handcarved by them little squirrels and nuts and they wear players for the albanian football team, they brausght us lots of things on a plate and one thing where these pickles and then when we left our stomach made like an industrial sound or like a spaner was twisting something and we had terrible problems for a week. but god bless them anyway
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