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Wonosari, Java, Indonesia
Wonosari is located on Lawang town, East Java. It's wellknown for its beautiful landscape of tea plantation and serve as a tourist attraction as well.

In the beginning, more than 600 hectares of forest was cleared and planted with tea bushes. That was early last century, and a few of the original trees are still alive until now.

During first president Sukarno’s purge of the Dutch in the 1950s the plantation was one of the many foreign businesses confiscated and nationalized.

Wonosari is already packed with constructive and recreational activities. On the fun side there’s a big warm-water pool, mini zoo, playground, tennis courts and many other pastimes. For those who hate being out of the city there’s a karaoke lounge.

Beside sort of facilities, Wonosari tea plantation also provide tea plantation guided tour for visitors with certain interest to tea plantation.

In the end it’s a great place to relax and enjoy the Javanese countryside, feel the cool and watch thousands of swiftlets darting across the tea bushes, feeding on insects.
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Tumpang, Java, Indonesia
Tumpang is a small village about 20kms east of Malang, East Java.

It's known as a transit point for people willing to trek up to Mt Semeru where they can rent a 4WD Jeep and drive up to Ranu Pani village (ranger station).
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