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    Point Fortin, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago
    It is a street. But of course it is more than just that, is the people in the street, maybe not too much money, but always enjoying. Couple of hotels, one them really good one. Catholic church, really beautiful. I will never forget the Royal, Casablanca, the performances for the carnival, the parties in the beach, and the dog that always barked at me on my way to Atlantic LNG terminal. There is a market for buying almost everything, clothes shops, and of course kentucky fried chicken! An internet cafe, the taxis who are waiting to get more people inside so the travel is really worth it, hahahaha. The best thing in Point Fortin, is the people, they are like the song "Baby don't worry about the day, 'cause every little thing's gonna be all right" This song will invariably remind me of this town. Exchanging money is easy, they do it in bars.
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