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    South Oceanside, California, United States
    travel the historic route 101 south oceanside is the gateway from carlsbad to oceanside aka rich to ghetto... immediately one can see the changes in house structure and the people on the street. In Oceanside one can find a lot of "zoni's" people from arizona that come here every summer and think they own the place, a grip of jar heads (local talk for marines), a lot of mexicans that speak spanglish, white trash from temecula area, and quite a few bums. None are accepted by the others...  Oceanside specifically the area code of 92054 has the highest pregnancy rate in the nation.  Great harbor and beautiful pier dont forget to check out samoan sister city day generally celebrated at the beach on the same week of July 4th... and a legit street fair coast hiway has a lot of random shops and restaurants... dare to try it avoid the valley... especially foussat street and anything really off of the 76 other than the C9 major streets: mission ave, coast hiway, oceanside blvd, college ave college ave has a lot of new business/town centers  the addition of the sprinter takes you right to it
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