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I recently returned from Fiji, helping educate youth in English and health with a couple of colleagues, Lindsay Clark and Garrett Russell. Together, Lindsay and Garrett formed this humanitarian project, The Nakavika Project, and made huge leaps to help a small village in the Namosi highlands, called Nakavika Village. After following Lindsay's blog at: I became inspired to help, too. I emailed Lindsay and asked how I could get involved - low and behold, a few weeks later I was off on Air Pacific making my way to Fiji, too, to meet up with them. 

Whether you're looking to get away to volunteer abroad, or are just looking around for great ways to help youth around the world remotely, you can help The Nakavika Project. We are currently taking donations to help youth that are hoping to attend tertiary education. Check out more details about the project, how we've helped, what we've done, the youth we have met and how you can get involved at: or read below:
There are three ways to participate in The Nakavika Project:

  1. Be a Knowledge Sponsor:  
Help us communicate options to the village by explaining one of the following topics you specialize in. You may either write your advice to the village in a e-mail, video tape your explanation for a DVD, make an audio recording of your explanation, or find another way to relay the information effectively. Contact Lindsay 

Here are some topics we’d like to cover with the help of our knowledge sponsors. Also, those already supported are still open for more sponsors.
  • How to Manage your Money/Budget  - Thank you, Ian Clark, for your support 
  • Pre-Natal Care and Breastfeeding Tips – Thank you, Allison Clark, for your support 
  • Tips for Good Dental Hygiene: Diet, Cleaning, and Habits – Thank you, Kathie Russell, for your support 
  •  Creative Teaching Methods for the Classroom – Thank you, Cathleen Angelo, for your support 
  •  Classroom Management Techniques and Positive Reinforcement – Thank you, Katie VanVoorhis, for your support 
  • The Internal and Long-Term Effects of Smoking 
  • How to Stretch Before Rugby and Good Injury Prevention Tactics 
  • Nutrition: Saving Money by Going for Quality Basic Aid Training and Dealing with Cuts and Accidents 
  •  How to Make and Use Oral Rehydration Salts 
  •  What are Boils, and How do we Prevent Them? 
  •  How to Tutor Individual Students in Reading 
  •  How Soap Works 
  •  Tips and Ideas for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages 
  •  How to Run and Structure a Library 
  •  Cardio Health for Adults: Know the Warning Signs 
  •  Nutrition for Kids 
  •  What is Diabetes, and How Do I Avoid Getting It? 
  •  Alcohol Abuse and Combating Addiction 
  •  The Medical Effects of Kava 
  •  And much, much more…

2. Be a Goods Sponsor
We appreciate anything and everything you are able to offer to the project, whether it be goods or funding. Contact Lindsay for more details on how to donate. And thank you for the donations we received before our first project trip, we were able to effectively teach classes with basic and creative supplies, connect with the youth and adults by offering visual aids, help heal and treat many physical ailments with medicine and first aid supplies, document the experience, and a host of other capabilities.

…The Next Donation The Nakavika Project Scholarship Fund

3. Be a Volunteer 
At this time, we are unable to support a structured and reliable program for volunteers in Nakavika, but this option is in the works. We would like to take our time making this program concrete before we formally send travelers to the highlands via our invite. However, if you are interested in lending your services to the community anyway, for a period of one to three weeks, please click below to fill out our applicant form. The following professions or skills are in most need, though all hard-working, dedicated individuals will be considered:

  • Health professionals (dental, physicians, nutritionists, sports trainers…)
  • Teachers, educators, and librarians
  • Business savvy individuals
  • Singers, musicians, or creativity leaders
Apply to be a TNP Volunteer 
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How do I contact Lindsay ( what is her email?) to help with educational information for the village? Specifically classroom management through PBS, creative teaching methods, and tutoring individual students in reading.



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Christina, Sorry for the delay is my response. If you are still interested, you can contact Lindsay at - tell her Jackie sent you.

Thanks for your interest!
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