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Jan 1, 2014

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Jul 10, 2008

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United States

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English, Some Spanish

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Budget, In the middle, Mix & Match

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Bookcrossing, Camping, Culture, Experiencing The Local Culture, Food, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Interacting With Locals, Nature, Outdoors, Snorkeling, Temples, Trying New Foods

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Saving up to travel

stay at home mom

I travel because:
I want to see the world and experience the people, cultures, food and histoy of a place

Perfect meal:
something that looks good that I have no idea what it is

Never travel without:
my passport, extra money, guidebook

I wish they invented:
a way to quick dry clothes that you washed in a sink

Last thing I broke:
my sunglasses

The thing I always forget:
photos from home, that extra guidebook I just picked up

Travel inconveniences I could do without:
running out of money, getting a nasty stomach bug

When not traveling I'm:
saving/planning my next trip, reading travel narratives and guidebooks

Mandi G.


I love traveling. When I'm not traveling I'm working on where I'll go next. I started traveling around the US as a kid with my family. My first big interational trip was in high school to Guatemala and Costa Rica with my Spanish class. I then spent 3 months traveling solo in Europe while in college, which was amazing. Since then I'm traveling whenever I get the money and time, sometimes with friends/family, sometimes completely solo and sometimes I'll join a small group tour for all/part of my adventure. Traveling is definitely in my blood. There are few places in this world that I don't want to visit. If it isn't listed as a place I want to go on my map, chances are I don't know much about it and that is why it isn't on the list. I love talking to others about my travel experiences. That is a great way to get tips from other travelers who have been there.

I also like to give back when I travel. I try to at least bring some medicine for local kids that don't have access to it (like in SE Asia). As a plus, once you give it to them, you have more space in your pack. Also try to fit in a volunteer bit if possible. My favorite so far has been spending a day at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand (outside of Chiang Mai) caring for the elephants (feeding and bathing them).

My other big passion is bookcrossing. I always bring a few extra books with me to leave at my hotels/hostels, tourist attractions, etc so that someone else can enjoy that book. My goal is to personally release a book on every continent. Never heard of bookcrossing? Go to

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