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Jun 29, 2009

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Jan 23, 2009

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United States, Czech Republic

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Czech / English,

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In the middle

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History Appreciation, Horseback Riding, Languages, Local Culture, Local Food, Photography, Sailing, Scuba, Surfing, Traveling, Wine Tasting

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In a relationship

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Hitting the road

Private Jet Advisor


I travel because:
The world is a big place

Perfect meal:
Local cuisine

Never travel without:
My passport

I wish they invented:
Trnsporting in Start Trek

Last thing I broke:

The thing I always forget:
nothing really...

Travel inconveniences I could do without:
Delayed/cancelled flights

When not traveling I'm:
Reading about destinations

Eva K.


When dreams take flight...follow them.

That is EXACTLY what I plan on doing...following my dreams.  What are my dreams you may ask?  To travel, to see the world, to experience new cultures and the people who live them, and to write about my experiences whether they are in my beloved Prague, my current hometown in Brooklyn, or an island nestled in the azure Caribbean Sea.  Travel has always been my passion, my true love, is too short, and it will fly by if you let it, thus I need to put the brakes on time and stop and smell the passport.  What greater
satisfaction is there then to be able to share your story, your experience, your passion with others?  I can think of none other than actually travelling.  If I can touch one person's heart and soul; if I can intrigue one person enough to visit a country, a state, an island or a theme park, then I will be fulfilled.  We get one chance on this Earth, God created a beautiful world for us to see, and I cannot imagine of lifetime of not seeing.

"It is a bitter sweet thing, knowing two cultures.  It is a curse to love two countries."

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Eva has been to 87 cities and 21 countries and counting...
Worldly: is a scout
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Roughing it: is happy with a roof and running water
Shrewdness: is immune to thieves and outbargain touts
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