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Nov 13, 2012

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Nov 20, 2008

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United States

Languages Spoken:
English, I can ask for a beer in 4 languages--English, French, Spanish and German

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Shoe-string, Budget

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Anything WWII Or Vietnam Related, Exploring History, Getting Off At Random Train Or Bus Stops, Hiking, My 3-year Old Niece, Old-school Nintendo..., Reading, Spending Time With Friends And Family, Sport, Writing

Travel Status:
Hitting the road

Australian nomad

I travel because:
I want to. We have one life, I intend to live it.

Perfect meal:
You laugh, but my grandmother makes the best macaroni and cheese.

Never travel without:
A journal and pen.

I wish they invented:
What's that thing from Star Trek that transfers you from one spot to the next in seconds?

Last thing I broke:
A flip flop.

The thing I always forget:

Travel inconveniences I could do without:

When not traveling I'm:
Working my ass off toward my next trip...

Kim G.

I can remember the most random things.  My first memory is of my parents bringing my baby sister home from the hospital when I was 2.  In it, I'm standing at the end of my aunt and uncle's driveway and am really excited when I see my parents car turn down the street.  There my memory ends.  I don't remember my parents getting out of the car or my baby sister coming into the house.  Yet, I can remember the anticipation and excitement of a moment that was just around the corner.  27 years later and I still find as much joy in the possibilities of things to come and excitement in the things that I've experienced:

I've sat on an empty beach at night and watched the waves drift in. I've stepped through tons of porcupine crap just to explore an old John Dillinger hangout. I've camped out for football tickets for a team that had no chance of a winning season. I've spent a night drinking at a wedding reception just to leave at 3 am to catch a flight at 6 so I could see the Milwaukee Brewers in the playoffs for the first time in 26 years. I let Tiger Woods know that he's Tiger Woods. (He apparently already knew that.) I ran with the bulls. I spent a night sleeping under a carnival ride. I once sold every single piece of furniture I owned on Craigslist, right down to the fake potted plants. My only regret in life is that I once bought a Hillary Duff CD. I queued at Wimbledon. I graduated with 32 people.  I bought tickets to the 2010 World Cup a year before I knew I'd be buying a plane ticket to South Africa.  I try to get as much excitement out of the little things in life, as my dog does in seeing his leash. My body was physically in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado all at the same time. I'll try anything once, but I won't make the same mistake twice. Seeing the annex that Anne Frank lived in and the Dachau Concentration Camp are the most soul-searching experiences I've had. I expect to add Robben Island to the latter this summer. 

I live my life as I want to live.

Yet, I can't disapparate.

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