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Apr 1, 2013

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Aug 31, 2008

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English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Latin

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Budget, In the middle, Mix & Match

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Adventure, Animal Watching, Animals, Art, Beach, Boating, Bungee Jumping, Bungy, Camping, Culture, Dancing, Food, Hiking, History, History Appreciation, Horse-riding, Horseback Riding, Kayaking, Languages, Muay Thai(Thai Boxing), Museums, Outdoors, People, Photography, Reading, Ruins, Scuba Diving, Shark Feeding, Sky Diving, Snorkeling, Spirituality, Writing

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Hitting the road

Done all... from advertisement, webdesign and marketing to working on a mega yacht, resort, vinyard - you name it... I have a MA in Cultural studies and Art History and i am specialised on indegenous people. But love to do photos and work with people :)


I travel because:
I can ;) Seriously it's my passion and I love adventures...

Perfect meal:
I like plain healthy food and I am always curious to try new national dishes while traveling...Toughest I actually ate grasshopers...

Never travel without:
My camera.

I wish they invented:
A right decicion maker... ;)

Last thing I broke:
Underwater Camera.

The thing I always forget:
I dont need much...

Travel inconveniences I could do without:
Lines at the airport customs.

When not traveling I'm:
All over the world - I am a world citizen. But you always reach me with mails on :)

Susanna K.

Dear fellow travelers,
I am Susanna. I grew up in East Berlin, where traveling was never an option...Most countries where just gray spots on our atlases.... But I always dreamed of exploring the world... Eventually the big day came and the wall came down... A big dream came true for millions of German people...
Believe me freedom is one of the biggest goods we have - and you start appreciate that even more if you miss it... Maybe that's one of the reasons I love to explore even the far away corner of our beautiful mother earth...
My first extraordinary travel was to NYC in 2002. I got the chance to to do an internship in the US. After that my life never was the same again... It was like licking blood... I only felt the desire to travel... And so I did...I saved up all my money and traveled so far twice for over a year: Once 14 months to New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. And second for 17 months to Canada, US, Mexico, British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, Peru, Colombia, Palau, Philippines, Australia and Thailand.... Meanwhile I actually travel as much as I can and even try to connect work with travel if I can :) Therefore I see myself as a world citizen - I live everywhere. Only then you can then you can really understand the essence of what is it all about in various places and countries.
I am a real adventurer - I don't need much to be the happiest person and to enjoy the beautiful world... I can sleep on hammocks for weeks in the amazon, enjoy couchsurfing or stay in guesthouses for a while cause I like to hang out with the people. I did the craziest dive trips even shark feeding, I skydived, I jumped bungee from bridges, did blackwater rafting or dove caves and hiked glaciers and deserts... there is nothing too adventures for me...
I was blessed :) I met so many great people everywhere, got to learn so much, especially the love to the nature, the creatures, antique places and last but not least the people...what makes me want to protect the beauty of the world... to help to make a difference... I think it's very important to give back and to raise awareness to endangered species...
Galapagos was amazing and I hope you enjoyed my blog and pictures. To help the animals I also attended the GCT photo contest for the Galapagos calendar 2012 and three of my pictures No 10, 26 an 31 came into the finals. Please vote them under:
I know I have the best friends and supporters and you all helped me to let my dream become true... Help me again for the animals of Galapagos please!

Warmest sunshine and smiles, Su :)

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